About the lab

Green Vaccine Laboratory

BioApplications Inc. Green Vaccine Lab actively develops new products by using technologies
and experience specialized in the development of vaccine products and diagnostic antigens.
After receiving item approval for the "HERBAVAC™ CSF Green Marker" vaccine in April 2019,
we successfully launched the "world's first" classical swine fever green marker vaccine in December 2021.
Today, we are accelerating research on human vaccines, such as COVID -19 and Zika vaccines, and animal vaccines,
such as porcine circovirus and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus vaccines.
In addition, we are continuously developing diagnostic antigens for animals
and humans in collaboration with several diagnostic kit companies.

Division Category Progress Notes
Animal Vaccine CSF On market CANADA-Platform
"Porcine" Preclinical ASF, PCV2, PPV, PED : Russia, Spain, USA
"Bovine" Research America : bTB, BVDV, Brucellosis
"Avian" Research AI(H5, H9)
Human Vaccine COVID-19 Preclinical On government research grant
Zika Research On government research grant
SFTS Research On government research grant
GBM DX On market Recombinant proteins for diagnostic kit
CMO On discussion Materials for bioindustry (Japan, Canada)