Company overview


BioApp was founded in 2011 based on POSTECH's plant biotechnology
and has made history with each challenge by marking not only the
"first in Korea" but also the "first in the world".
  • The world's first plant-based,
    licensed, and registered
    HERBAVAC™ CSF Green Marker

  • Developed plant-based vaccines
    that are safe for the environment,
    animals, and humans

  • Built a production system that can
    rapidly deliver safe and
    effective vaccines

  • 01

    The world's first plant-based classical swine fever vaccine, HERBAVAC™ CSF Green Marker vaccine, has been licensed and registered. In addition, we aim to play a key role in eradicating classical swine fever disease by contributing to CSF free in Korea and challenging the global market.

  • 02

    Based on our experience and know-how gained from successfully conducting the entire vaccine development process from basic research to clinical trials to registration and market launch, we are currently developing a HERBAVAC plant-based green vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever, and highly pathogenic avian influenza that poses no risk to the environment, is safe for animals and ultimately safe for humans.

  • 03

    In addition to animal vaccines, BioApp has also begun the development of COVID-19 and Zika vaccines, as well as a vaccine for dementia prevention.  We will continue to do our best to solidify the vaccine sovereignty that protects public health from national disaster-type infectious diseases by building a green vaccine production system that can rapidly deliver safe and effective vaccines.


Everyone can do anything anyone can do.
BioApp will always challenge things that no one has challenged before.
We will not be satisfied with being the first in the world.
We will become the best in the world.

The organizational chart of BioApplications Inc.